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If you need something illustrated or want to bring your ideas to paper, I'd be more than willing to get the job done! ;) (Wink)

For personal use: $50-150

For commercial use: $300 & up

For samples of my work, please view gallery
Please contact me via Nidhoggur(a) !

Also, I'd be grateful if you could spread the word.
Thanks, and good luck! :) (Smile)
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Alex Pushkarev
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
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Hello! :)
if you have questions please contact me here or by email: Nidhoggur (a)
(if I don't answer, probably the spam filter got your letter, so drop me a note here as well)

I'm mostly busy creating imaginary worlds.
Still, if I come across something interesting in a real one, I do photograph it.


View of Eadknair by Edarneor
View of Eadknair
The fortress-city of Eadknair stands on a vast lake in central Norsetar. Stones and legends tell it is quite ancient, and has seen many inhabitants come and go over the centuries. It is said, it once had a twin city on the other side of the lake, with an enormous bridge connecting the two right across the water. The twin is, however, nowhere to be found, and those hints of the bridge that are left make it impossible to tell where it led to...

Eadknair has been for generations an independent city-state, never conquered or taken by force. Only a few centuries ago, when the Grand Smith Areathkor united and forged what is now present Norsetar, it had finally become part of the state on quite beneficial terms.
Though the city itself has no mining sites nearby, several imortant setar trade routes go south, through the planes, making the city prosper nonetheless.
Sunset over the Nimhraed Keep by Edarneor
Sunset over the Nimhraed Keep
The Nimhraed Keep, or what's left of it, is quite a landmark to many a traveller across Derhet Esil, a region famous for it's rugged, desolate beauty.

Word is, the keep is long deserted - for more than a century the solemn guardian flies no banner, while mists and seagulls are the only garrison. Brought by the sea on windy clear days, billowing clouds now circle the outpost in a spectacular cavalcade, daring not to attack.

Time and again though, a late ship's lookout or a lone fisherman traversing the rocky coast spot it's windows alight at dusk. No one, of course, is willing to find out why.
The Sentry by Edarneor
The Sentry

The sentry of Kaerneth's pass overwatches the mountains in solemn, icy silence.
If you're lucky, and the weather is clear, you could spot it through a telescope from the neighboring peaks. Then it appears completely still, as if bound by centuries-long frost and loneliness.

Sometimes, it takes off. Snow-covered wings suddenly spread in an explosion of frozen dust, raising a thick glistening blizzard underneath - a truly magnificent sight to behold, and the beast plummets from its perch to silently skim the ridges below.

Even the veteran travelers can inexplicably feel the chill of its sharp ever present gaze from dozens of miles.


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